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The Energy Industry uses our expertise in machine learning & big data to drive high-stakes decisions.

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Last time I might have mentioned my intersts in: Assisted Problem-Solving-Environments;
e.g. knowledge-based assist for a data-science platform,
and/or collaborative env for a kaggle like citizen-science platform.
Re: DataScience: Believe it can be more collaborative and assited.
I came up w/a Kaggle varient( http://notional.no-ip.org )
Soon after they started script shared/running (a 1st step I wanted).
Also want: Langauges, like: R, Python, ..., which all use a dataframe, to use a sharable data-cube*
(incl. semantics beyond column name/type). * http://www.w3.org/TR/vocab-data-cube
I also believe in minimal centeralization (maybe a p2p/bitcoin-ish update of listings of discoverable: data/code/..).
There are now lots of new thoughts and work towards changing science in general, that could help
w/a light overlay to organize an informative/useful (citizen)(data)science platform.
Other than YC, I also applied to Shuttleworth (like contentmine.org did).
I want a better sounding-boards/ideas more than money, and a need to have a time-line.
I've applied to YC as both a profit and non-profit. I'm more focusd on doing something interesting than the corp. structure.

What if you wanted to do a smart CMS/etc for sci/eng to biz/etc, so the focus would go beyond team-coord/mtg-planning, to
the ability to share personally versioned micro-docs/work-flow-bits/even~code..

It is almost as if the HALO and CALO projects had a child, so not only coordination w/(even more)context, but ability to inform/edu/etc..

I have the base KnowledgeBases for both of those projects, which are built off of: http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/mfkb/RKF/tree/ to play around w/.

Looked at kaggle/ai2 challenge a bit.

Think not just mobile could break down the descreet app idea a bit, for more cooperative software, w/a bit of agency.

Still have a focus on:

Knowledge sharing tooling capable of helping sci/eng/.. work.

A more old-school open_ai mixed w/elts of kaggle/zoouniverse/..

As much as possible I'd like2incl my love of ModelBasedReasoning mixing Modeling+Sim w/other kn-srcs+learning