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The Energy Industry uses our expertise in machine learning & big data to drive high-stakes decisions.

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Last time I might have mentioned my intersts in: Assisted Problem-Solving-Environments;
e.g. knowledge-based assist for a data-science platform,
and/or collaborative env for a kaggle like citizen-science platform.
Re: DataScience: Believe it can be more collaborative and assited.
I came up w/a Kaggle varient( http://notional.no-ip.org )
Soon after they started script shared/running (a 1st step I wanted).
Also want: Langauges, like: R, Python, ..., which all use a dataframe, to use a sharable data-cube*
(incl. semantics beyond column name/type). * http://www.w3.org/TR/vocab-data-cube
I also believe in minimal centeralization (maybe a p2p/bitcoin-ish update of listings of discoverable: data/code/..).
There are now lots of new thoughts and work towards changing science in general, that could help
w/a light overlay to organize an informative/useful (citizen)(data)science platform.
Other than YC, I also applied to Shuttleworth (like contentmine.org did).
I want a better sounding-boards/ideas more than money, and a need to have a time-line.
I've applied to YC as both a profit and non-profit. I'm more focusd on doing something interesting than the corp. structure.

What if you wanted to do a smart CMS/etc for sci/eng to biz/etc, so the focus would go beyond team-coord/mtg-planning, to
the ability to share personally versioned micro-docs/work-flow-bits/even~code..

It is almost as if the HALO and CALO projects had a child, so not only coordination w/(even more)context, but ability to inform/edu/etc..

I have the base KnowledgeBases for both of those projects, which are built off of: http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/mfkb/RKF/tree/ to play around w/.

Looked at kaggle/ai2 challenge a bit.

Think not just mobile could break down the descreet app idea a bit, for more cooperative software, w/a bit of agency.

Still have a focus on:

Knowledge sharing tooling capable of helping sci/eng/.. work.

A more old-school open_ai mixed w/elts of kaggle/zoouniverse/..

I'm sure there are more notes around/that are not up.

As much as possible I'd like2incl my love of ModelBasedReasoning mixing Modeling+Sim w/other kn-srcs+learning

OpenML also of interest .

Need something like ideas above that kaggle now does, like shared data and kernals, but for generic science needs
aws has free data buckets, but no easy way to add to this and then share what you have done so others can work off of it.

been a lapse in notes, though finding qualitative relationships and explaing them, and then how instances differ from the norm of these

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