notional Knowledge-based-systems applied to dynamic/novels situations.
1st app
: about being able to test hypothesis w/o have a phd+big IT team
data-mining as a service, for those that don't have the time to set up run and learn all the tricks to get results, that really mean something
end to end: ETL to algorithm choice and viz suggestions
taking the data-mining wisdom that doesn't even end up in papers and encoding it in a SAAS

Still have ModelBasedReasoning interest, which is even more aligned w/my aided Prob Solving Env thoughts.

Recent summary:
Assisted Problem-Solving-Environments; e.g. knowledge-based assist for a data-science platform, &/or collaborative env for a kaggle like citizen-science platform.

Mike Bobak
This is just a starting/page:
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I've gone apache, but will still use Lisp for dynamic bits.

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